There is a fixed set of rules governing the data protection rights in different countries across the globe. In case you reside in the European Economic Area (EAA) then your company will be responsible for taking the necessary stepsforth at permit you to delete, change or restrict the use of any personal data. You have the right to know exactly what kind of personal data is being collected from you. You can contact us in case you want any of your data to be erased or removed from our database systems.

The data protection rights that you are eligible for are as follows:

You have the right to view, delete, access or update any kind information that we have about you. In most cases you can alter, update and delete all the information directly through your account settings section. In case you face any problems you may write to us at our Contact Us Page.

You have the right to make changes in the information about you in case you find it to be incorrect or inappropriate.

You hold the right to object the processing of the information collected by us.

You have the right to restrict the processing of any kind of personal information collected by us. Alsoyour are eligible to procure a copy of the information that we hold about you In a readable and common format.

In case you have given an informed consent to about using your personal information, you have the right to withdraw the consent. Such requests are processed only after the identity of the individual has been verified.

You hold the right to raise a complain to ther Data Protection Authority regarding the use and collection of your personal information. You will be able to procure more information on this matter by directly contacting the Data Protection Authority in EAA.


It is common practise to use analytics in the form of third party service providers. This is aimed at monitoring our services and their analysis.

This is a web analytical service that is provided by google. The main job is to keep track of website traffic. The information is used by google to monitor how we use our services. Google may share this data withwither google services that may concern it. Another use of such data is to customise the advertisements that are being showed to you based on its advertising network.

This service is optional and you can disable it by installing the opt out feature. In case you choose to go with the opt out, google will no longer be able to share your website visits information with google Analytics. You will be able to read more about this topic from Google Privacy Terms web page..